Friday, September 9, 2011

New phone - Droid Bionic! (and pug pics of course)

So I've been holding onto my og droid forever, waiting for the right phone to replace it with.  I was tempted by the droid 3 because of the manual keyboard, but everything else about it was pretty meh.  So I held out for the droid bionic.  It's not perfect and I'm sure new phones will top it later this year, but I can't wait forever and that's just the way phone technology works nowadays - your brand spankin new phone is going to be outdated in a month, and my lil smug pug says get over it!  So I did and I got me a new phone - yippee!

My lil pug wasn't too impressed, but phones aren't really her thing.  I won't go into details on the bionic because there are a gazillion sites out there that go into the nitty gritty specifics with great photos and reviews. Do  you see all that pug hair on my couch too?  It's a futile attempt to keep it clean.  Lesson learned, next time I get a pug-colored couch.

So here's the bionic on the right next to my og droid on the left.  I was amazed by the size of the bionic.  I know a lot of smartphones are this big now but I've been rocking my og droid for over 2 years!
Side by side.  Og droid on the left and bionic on the right.  In hand the bionic is way lighter but that's probably because of the lack of a manual keyboard.  It's kinda nice having such a light phone now but we'll see how I feel after I go without a manual keyboard from this point on.  I will miss that keyboard so much!  For some reason it took me forever to get that little 4g sim card into the right slot inside.  And I closed the back before putting it in the first time and let me tell you getting the battery out of this sucker is way harder than my og droid.  I felt like I was ripping apart the phone and my nails trying to get that back off.
I'm still working on updating my new phone to have everything I need on it.  I'm a little annoyed at my inability to personalize my wallpaper with an old photo from Picasa.  I can do it with a new photo but Sunny was not up for modeling today.  I think I'll try to get one with her koala hat soon.  For now I have this generic background.
I'll be honest and the pentile screen is noticeable and does bother me a little bit, but it's not a dealbreaker for me.  I have to say I am a bit disappointed that with such a huge and beautiful screen Motorola had to take it down a notch with the pentile screen.  But I'm loving the phone otherwise so far and it's so nice and fast!

My lil pug was not amused by my new phone and was quite annoyed with my attention to it.  She tried several times to crawl into my lap and even resorted to pawing (more like scratching!) at my arm to get in.  Here she is looking dejected at my lack of attention to her.
She got so lonely and sad she even resorted to spooning my pillow after squishing her ample bottom behind me.
Ok fine, fine!  You look so sad and miserable I will give you a quick belly rub!
But then my lil pug got embarrassed at flashing all her lady parts at me while I took photos.  


  1. Your pug spooning the pillow is hilarious! She is so lonely awwww...mine go and pout on the other side of the couch staring at me. maybe I should get them a pillow to hug.

  2. Haha well first she went to the other side and pouted at me, but when I was still obsessing over my phone she barged towards me and squeezed her way to that pillow. She actually fell asleep in that position for a little bit.