Monday, September 12, 2011

Essie Fall 2011 Polish - Swatches and Initial Thoughts

So my order from Ulta (that took fo eva) finally arrived with my Essie fall 2011 polishes - yippee!  I tried picking these up at CVS and Target but I didn't see them out yet so I put in an order at Ulta's website because they're always pretty up to date, even if their stores aren't.  I tried doing an easter egg like hunt with the polishes around my pug.

She was not pleased.

So here are the polishes on my hand, each with just one coat.  From right to left, starting with my thumb, we have Case Study (a rich camel beige), Power Clutch (a deep gray-green), Lady Like (a soft mauve), Glamour Purse (an almond taupe), and Carry On (a deep burgundy).  Here is my pug helping me hand model.
She only agreed to help me hand model with the stinky polishes if I gave her lots of good belly and butt rubs.
Sniff sniff.
Please excuse my horrid cuticles and the ragged skin on my fingers.  I had been taking a break from nail polishes and without nail polish I find that I don't take care of my hands at all.  Oh wells.

And here is a picture of the polishes with flash.

I really really love Power Clutch.  It's my favorite out of the bunch!  I don't know if I can get away with wearing it at work though.  It's not as harsh as a black but it's definitely a dark gray with some slight green undertones.  The green doesn't show up as much on my skin tone compared to other pictures of it that I've seen.  Second favorite is Glamour Purse, which is the perfect taupe. It reminds me of Chinchilly but more of a warmer browny taupe while Chinchilly is more of a cooler purple taupe.  Lady Like reminds me a lot of Demure Vixen without the shimmer.  I like it but I think I like Demure Vixen better.  The shimmer in that is so fine and subtle it adds a little something extra to a simple mauve.  Case Study is a bit of an odd one.  I'll need to see it on all my fingers before I can decide.  It's a yellowish/greenish camel.  Interesting though.  Carry On is a pretty standard deep burgundy.  I probably didn't need this but I gave my old burgundy polish to my mom a while back.  All of these polishes applied beautifully.  Usually there's at least one dud (and with spring 2011 all of them were duds for me) but here every polish was very smooth and easy to apply.

And here are the bottles themselves with left to right Lady Like, Case Study, Power Clutch, Glamour Purse, and Carry On.  I didn't pick up the sixth shade Very Structured, which was a beautiful orangey burnt sienna because while it would be perfect for the fall it was a little too much for me.  I felt like if I bought it I'd be really only buying it to wear for the fall holidays.  If I'm going to go out there with colors, I lean towards blues and greens then.
Please excuse the massive amount of pug hair on my couch but I have a pug and she sheds a lot and I can't keep up.
I'm already seeing pictures of the winter collection - so fast!  I am pretty happy with Essie's fall 2011 collection.  These colors are perfectly fallish, great application, and some interesting and also classic colors.  Ok now I'm off to paint Glamour Purse on my nails!

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