Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pugs Know How to Lounge the Best

I call this series, "Pug Lounge."

If I ever lay down on my couch Cleopatra style (a habit that my sisters and I have in our genes from our dad oddly enough), my little pug will squeeze into that small space between my legs and the couch and fall asleep. Can that really be that comfortable?!
When my back or hips start to ache (because I'm becoming geriatric), I feel like I can't move because she's fast asleep and snoring!  And while she makes a great little heating pad in the wintertime, I do not enjoy having this hot dog (ha!) on me as much during the summer.
I like to call this "Shorn Lamb."  She looks like a barnyard baby animal!  Like you could scoop up her legs and lift her up like they do with lambs and calves (at least according to my barnyard imagination).
This is called, "If you hear hooves, think pugs, not zebras."  I swear she laid like that and had her ear flopped up all by herself!  She loves that blanket even though it's still summer.  Right before I took this photo she was sleeping but my moving to get my phone woke her up.
Sorry some of the photos were so blurry but when these moments happen I have to grab whatever's closest to me that can take photos, and usually that's my droid, which I love but takes crappy photos.  I'm looking forward to upgrading it soon.  Shhh, don't tell my droid but I'm going to get a bionic when it comes out this week!  I also recently took advantage of the Ulta sale and got some of the Essie fall 2011 polishes and finally got the Urban Decay naked palette.  I debated a long time whether to get it but I think it'll be worth it in the long run.  We'll see.

I love this feeling of, "Oh, it's Sunday.  Sunday sucks.  Ooooh wait no, tomorrow's a holiday!  Today's like Saturday - woohoo!"  Happy 3-day weekend!

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