Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter and Pug Pics

First thing's first...

happy easter!
that's a drawing i did for my other blog bah humpug but i wanted to do something easter-y here too. 

on another note, i was trying to clean my keyboard yesterday and in my overzealousness i kinda broke my left shift key.  argh.  sometimes i just don't know when to stop and i make things worse.  so my caps may come and go for a bit until i figure out how to fix it.  yes i have a right shift key but i never use it and it's hard to remember it's there!  Right Shift Key Feels Unnatural (but it works).

i don't have much else for this post other than some pug photos.  and really, do i need anything more than that??

my pug likes to live dangerously!  She's allowed to go in the pet free area, but just can't do her business there.  she loooooves sniffing that area right by the sign post.  So many times i've thought it would make a great photo and luckily i had my trusty lil phone with me.
this is what my pug looks like when i try to get her attention for a photo by pretending i have a treat.  i can't get a normal photo of her looking at the camera because she's either looking away and moving her head around or she has this glassy-eyed crazy stare when i hold (or pretend to hold) a treat in my hand.  i still loves it.
i gave my pug a bath today and man that was an ordeal for both of us.  i do a full service bath, and if you're a pug owner you'll know what i mean.  it ain't pretty.  but now she smells so good!  unfortunately she's pissed at me and is shedding like crazy.  after a bath, requisite treats, and subsequent 15 minutes of stink eye at me, sunny likes to pass out into a deep deep sleep.  so sleepy!
but let's air out your ears a bit (hehe).
Shhhhhhh.....don't speak.  let's nap!
And so she does.


  1. The first close up pic (the "glassy eye stare" one) is my fav of this post. And the drawing with Sunny laying an egg? OMG! <3 :)
    Happy Easter to both of you!!!

    1. Aw thanks Frankenstyna! I hope you had a happy Easter too!

  2. SO precious!! Thanks for the adorable pics and hearty laughs! :D