Monday, October 22, 2012

Banana Coconut Donuts (Baked, Not Fried)

So as part of my recent baking frenzy I decided to combine two things I love - coconut and donuts!
I used this Baked Banana Donuts Recipe, but added toasted coconut inside the pan and on top.  I also only recently discovered the ease of toasting coconut in a pan on the stove.  Duh, why didn't I think of this earlier?!  It's so much easier than having to open the oven and get a wave of heat in your face as you stir the coconut.  

These tasted more healthy and muffin-like than donut-like.  All the banana donut recipes I found online were healthier donut versions.  Still very yummy but I don't think I would've enjoyed it as much without the coconut.  Coconut makes so many things taste better!
At least I didn't feel as guilty eating a ton of these as I did when I ate a ton of buttery madeleines!
My baking frenzy has since ended but I imagine it'll pick up again soon.  I bake in spurts and have a lot of them during the holidays!

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  1. I love banana and coconut. Those look yummy!
    Love Noodles' Mommy