Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 2012 BarkBox

I've been hearing great things about Barkbox, a monthly subscription service for your dog, and of course had to give it a try!  You can't do a month-to-month subscription, and instead have to sign up for a 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month plan.  The one month box is $25 but the price per box gets smaller the longer your subscription.  It's a bit more than my own monthly subscription boxes, but when I looked at the boxes from previous months they're always filled with several full-sized products and contain a nice variety of fun things.  The site says that they require the longer subscription plans in order to get the lower prices for the products they provide in the boxes.  

Anyways our first box arrived today and I think I was more excited than Sunny to open it up!  Although she stayed close by while I opened the box so I think she was excited too!
The box has the cutest little dog comic on it.
The box contained a variety of fun things, but unfortunately Sunny doesn't play with toys much (she really just sucks on her berber stuffies) so this box didn't have as much that we could use.  However, I will be keeping them for a potential little sister that I'm hoping to bring home to Sunny next weekend (like how I just nonchalantly drop that bombshell into this review post?).  My sister also has three playful pups and so I'm sure they'd appreciate any freebie toys I give them.

Each box always contains a great description of the items inside.  I love these cards - so helpful and informative.  They provide the sites where you can buy more of the items if you like them!
I eagerly tore into the box to see what goodies were inside!  Sunny patiently waited.
 Tada!  I LOVE the mustache ball (when the dog holds the ball in his/her mouth, it looks like they have a mustache!), but sadly Sunny doesn't fetch or pick up balls.  Her mouth only holds delicious treats or soft berber stuffies.  Darn.  I would've loved it if she'd liked it!

While the Lollycadoodle wool ball is soft, again Sunny doesn't fetch or play with balls.  Sadness.  I wish there'd been a bit of variety in the kind of toys in this box.  I think the box for big dogs contained a wool animal toy which Sunny probably would've liked better.

I am excited to try the Tropiclean breath spray but this is definitely something Sunny will not be thrilled with.

The Metro Paws poopy packs will definitely get good use from us and they're so cute it's almost a shame to use them to pick up poop!

I've never shopped at Wag, but I'll definitely be checking it out with the coupon.

And finally, Sunny's favorite part of the box were the Feelgood Treat Company treats!  These are handmade in Canada from all natural and organic ingredients and are wheat, gluten, and preservative-free.  They do have flour in them.  I usually feed Sunny just baby carrots or jerky treats for her snacks so I'm unsure what to do with these treats in the long run.  I definitely gave Sunny a sniff and a try though and she LOVED them!
All in all it was a great box in general but not great for Sunny since she doesn't play with toys much.  I can't wait to see what's in the next Barkbox!

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  1. Oh my gosh, a new sister?! Ahhh, I can't wait to see her if things work out. I've been wanting another pug. There is a pug rescue in my town and they just got the cutest little girl ever. I need more pugs in my life.