Thursday, February 7, 2013

January 2013 BarkBox

I meant to write reviews of our monthly BarkBox but I slacked on this blog a bit.  I took a bunch of photos for the January box, so even though it's already February, I figured I might as well post them!

Sunny and Rosy always look forward to opening their BarkBox (so do I!).
I can usually tell if their are yummy treats or a bully stick based on how aggressive the girls get with their investigating.
Yeah, there was definitely a yummy treat in there.
Rosy started to get impatient!
Our box contained the following:
  • Curly bully stick
    • The girls always enjoy bully sticks, but I either have to cut them or save them until I have two so I can give one to each girl.
  • Jax & Bones octopus rope toy
    • The girls didn't seem too intrigued with this at first but Rosy loves it now!  She's chewed up its tentacles, tearing them apart.  I would supervise any play with this toy just in case though.  I had a bad start with this toy as it had one of my biggest pet peeves with dog toys.  It had the plastic string for its tag, but one end was deeply embedded in the toy.  I hate that because if I can't get out the other end of the plastic thing then I'm not going to give it to my dog to chew up!  So I spent several minutes digging into the rope head of this toy until I finally managed to get it out.  I hope they stop doing that with their toys.
  • Ruff Dawg's Wee Nut 
    • This is a plastic treat toy - you stuff treats inside and let your dog go at it.  I haven't tried this yet because I think it might cause a fight unless I have a comparable second treat toy!
  • Nootie Mini Yumzies (peanut butter flavored)
    • I love love love that BarkBox included grain-free treats.  I generally feed the girls a grain-free diet and so I was so excited to see some grain-free treats in this box!  Plus they are the perfect size for training, or when going on walks (somehow the girls have trained me to still give them treats after doing their business outside).  

 It was clear from early on that the hit of this box were the Yumzies treats.  The girls absolutely LOVE these!
I tried taking photos of the treats with the girls but Sunny kept jumping up trying to eat them and dancing around, trying to impress me enough to give her the treats.

Btw, do you see how many toys are in the kitchen?!  Rosy brings toys with her everywhere!  There's always at least a couple in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.
These treats are so good and perfect for us, I ended up ordering a bunch of the other flavors later.  That's the first time I've done that with a treat we've gotten from BarkBox (I generally stick to baby carrots and Wellness' grain-free jerky treats).

Next up I showed the girls the Jax & Bones octopus toy.  At first they thought it was food and got really excited.
But once they realized it wasn't edible, they quickly got bored of the toy.
Until I combined the Yumzies treats and the octopus toy!  Then Sunny got really interested in it!
Despite the initial cold reaction to the octopus toy, it has since become one of Rosy's favorite toys.  Now that I have Rosy, I really feel like I get the full worth of the Barkboxes because Sunny is so picky with toys but Rosy loves them all!  I think the octopus is super cute and so I'm glad it's getting some use from Rosy.

And there's no doubt that the girls will love the bully stick.  I don't even want to know how they curl it like that.  I already know what it's made out of and that horrified me for a long time.
Whoa doesn't Sunny look different in the photo below?  I almost got her confused with Rosy there!  You can always tell when something's really good because when a pug's wrinkles smooth out.
And we'll end this post with a photo of Sunny doing her treat dance (thank you to my mother for teaching Sunny that dancing will always yield treats).
I'll try to post BarkBox reviews right after I get them going forward.  Can't wait for February's box!

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  1. aww looks like they love it! i haven't gotten a box yet because i never know if they'll like it. bowie likes all foods/treats, but is allergic to chicken i think. but it would be nice for the toys since they always love those!