Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 2013 BarkBox

Yay our February BarkBox finally arrived today!  I saw other blogs posting about it the past few days so I was eagerly awaiting it...I mean Sunny and Rosy were.  Is it strange that I cancelled all the monthly subscription boxes I got for myself and now this is the only one I still have and I love it?  I mean check out all the goodies in this box!
The girls were intrigued.
Very intrigued.
Especially Rosy.
So this box contained the following:

  • N-Bone's Get Naked super antioxidant dental chew treats.  
    • These are wheat free, corn free, soy free, and gluten free and are supposed to be low-fat and low-calorie treat that helps clean teeth and freshen breath.  They are made in the U.S.  It has a slight fruity scent. and they're a bit hard to break into smaller pieces.  The girls sniffed at it cautiously at first but happily chomped on them after they had a taste!
  • Aussie Naturals toy
    • This is supposed to be an eco-friendly dog toy with rope limbs.  There's no squeaker in the toy though.  The girls are never that impressed with the toys the first day because they're too excited about the treats, so we'll see if Rosy ends up liking this one (this is more Rosy's kind of toy than Sunny's).
  • Wet Noses
    • I love that this box had two kinds of Wet Noses treats!  We got the carob and mint, and dogranola.  I only opened up the dogranola to test it out and oh man the girls LOVED these cookies!  These treats are organic, made in the U.S., and are wheat free, corn free, and soy free.  The cookies are a bit big for the girls though so I break it into smaller pieces.  I generally try to feed the girls a grain-free diet, but I always test out the BarkBox treats.  I don't know if I'd repurchase these regularly on my own because of that, but definitely for special occasions or maybe I'd use them as an extra special treat for the girls! 
  • Pet Qwerks newspaper toy 
    • This is a really interesting toy because it's shaped like a rolled up newspaper, has at least two squeakers from what I could tell, and has some sort of wonderfully crinkly material inside.  The girls were intrigued by this but haven't played with it too much since they were too focused on the food.  But when I stepped away for a bit, I did hear some crinkling sounds so they are definitely interested in it.  I love how I can tell when they're playing with it even when I'm not in the same room!
  • $10 off coupon
    • I really like, which I only discovered through BarkBox as they sell the dog food I get the girls and for a reasonable price.  They have a ton of other stuff too so I'll definitely be putting this coupon to use!
From what I could tell on other blogs, the bigger dog boxes had slightly different contents and had a treat filling toy instead of the newspaper toy.  I know that some people find it weird to spend this amount on a surprise box of unknown goodies for a dog, but I really love it!  It's such a great way to try out different treats and toys!

Ok, if you just wanted to find out what was in the box and my thoughts on it then you can stop reading now.  The rest of this post is going to be picture heavy as I show you how much the girls enjoyed their BarkBox! 

The girls' favorite part of this box were the Wet Noses cookies for sure.  The cookie isn't that big, but to draw out the fun and to avoid feeding them too much, I break up the cookies into multiple smaller pieces. 

They really loved these treats!
As soon as I held out the treat, Sunny started standing up on her back legs, dancing and acting all cute to charm me into feeding her.
And it works.
Rosy's starting to pick up that habit too.
I was skeptical about the dental chews since anything meant to freshen dog's breath usually is unsuccessful with my stinky mouthed girls.  But these smelled more like real food and less like weird processed fake stuff. And it definitely got Sunny's attention!
I love how Sunny used the drawer handles to show off her cuteness and try to get closer to the treats!
Here, freshen your breath a bit Sunny - it really stinks after your dinner.
You too Rosy.
One nice thing about these dental chews is that they take a while to eat because they're so hard.  I really enjoyed watching the girls make funny faces as they gnawed away at these.  
And here's the Aussie Naturals toy.  Sunny jumped up to investigate on the chance there might be food in it.  Look at her lil floppy ears flying out as she hops up!
But she's no fool and she knew this wasn't the good stuff.  So of course I gave her a few more tasty bites of the Wet Noses treats!
Ok, on the count of three let's see who can get the treat first!  One...Two...Thr-!
Hey no cheating!
Ok, last bite!
No more treats tonight.  Here, play with the newspaper toy.  I know it doesn't taste as good but listen to it crinkle and squeak!


  1. Love it! Can't wait for ours to get here!

  2. Loved the blow-by-blow...or should I say, "bite-by-bite" description!

  3. Even when I don't have the attention span to read the post in full, looking at the pics makes me happy. So cute!