Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Tuni Tribute!

I was very sad to hear recently that Tuni, a tiny rescued pug with a big adorable tongue, crossed the rainbow bridge.  In honor of Tuni, her friend Winston asked that we post photos of our pugs in their beds on Tuesday since Tuni was known for her many beds around the house, all of which she loved, and Tuesdays were her posting days.  I missed the tribute last week, but I still have an hour left to make it for this Tuesday!  So in honor of Tuni and her family, here are some pics of Sunny and her beds.

Even though I only have one pug, she has a lot of beds.  I just keep buying new ones and not throwing out old ones!  I think the total count now is 7!  Sunny will show you all of her beds:
The green mat on the bottom was a lot thinner than I thought it was going to be so I put it underneath one of the first beds I got for Sunny, which turned out to be a super soft and squishy puppy bed.  Sunny loves to lay in it during the day because of it's prime location near two windows.
I got this next one through Gilt.  The fuzzy side seemed to irritate Sunny's skin so I flipped it over and she goes on it occasionally. 
One of her favorite beds is this old, lumpy, and misshapen Snuggie bed.  I thought about throwing it out but she loves it so.
There are a couple others that I don't have pictures of and this one below is the most recent one I got.  Sunny loves it but she doesn't use the edge as a chin rest like I thought she would, instead she leans over it and against the wall.
I think she also loves it because it's big enough to accommodate all of her "friends."
But of course Sunny's all time favorite is the BIG bed. 
There's plenty of room to stretch out.
As soon as I get up Sunny immediately moves into my spot.  What a bed hog.
Sunny would've loved to have met Tuni - they would have had epic naps together in all of their beds!  So in loving memory of Tuni, we hope you enjoyed these photos of Sunny and her beds.


  1. Thanks for the tribute...Sunny looks like she knows how to nap! I'm like you I just keep buying dog beds we have 11 beds!

    1. I'm so sorry for your loss - Tuni was such a sweet and funny little girl! I loved reading the recent post you did on how she entered into your lives.

      The dog bed situation is getting a bit out of control now. I think if I had a house I'd definitely have double digit beds!

  2. the pictures are just great, oh and... you did not miss it! July 17 was the official tribute day. you were rights on time!!


    1. Phew I'm glad to hear that I actually didn't miss it! Thanks for thinking of this great idea for honoring sweet Tuni!

  3. Oh, man I could barely even read about Tuni. Today when I got home from work my pug did her happy spins because she was so excited I was home. I don't know what I'll do without her when she goes. Thank you for the Sunny pictures. I want to cuddle her!

  4. OMG she is SERIOUSLY the cutest. Mine have beds but NEVER use them. If a pillow happens to land on the floor though they're all over it!!!!