Monday, December 5, 2011

Back From Vacation - Sad Monday

So I went away last week on vacation and had a great and relaxing time.  Coming back to reality is a bit rough at first.  So here's a few photos from my trip.

First, I had to drop off my pug with my parents.  She was super sad when she realized I was leaving her there.  Her tail completely uncurled.  :(
Ah, I love the ocean and I love wine.
Spent some time in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The day looked beautiful but it felt incredibly hot and humid.  My body has already prepared itself for winter so this was a rude awakening.  I really don't handle humidity well.
Look, there's my shadow!

I love the indigo cobblestone streets!  They looked even more beautiful in person, almost an iridescent blue.
Nothing better than a sunset at sea.  That's one thing I really miss once I moved to the east coast from the west coast.  You don't get sunsets on the beach anymore!
It felt like God's voice should be booming down at me from these lit clouds.
I never really appreciate the sky and clouds when I'm home.  Maybe because of all the buildings block the way and there's more smog and stuff.  But on vacation, I'm constantly enamored with the sky and clouds.
One day the ocean was so calm it almost was like a mirror.  Other days it was painfully rough.  Do you see the rainbow below?
I'm not a big vacation do-er.  I like taking it easy and relaxing, especially if the vacation involves beaches and/or water at all.  I am a pro at relaxation.  Just give me some beautiful scenery, a good chair, some wine, and a Kindle.
I was sad vacation ended but was missing my lil pug.  I picked her up at my parents and she went ba-na-nas and made cute lil seal pup whimpers as she ran around my feet and tried to jump and kiss my face.  Best. welcome. ever.  She looked like a seal pup too since she gained so much weight while at my parents.  I think they overfed her a ton because her collar almost doesn't fit now!  Sheesh.  So now we are both on diets to get rid of some of the excess weight we both gained during my vacation.  Now, time to get ready for holiday mania...

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