Thursday, October 27, 2011

Essie's Size Matters

I've got on Essie's Size Matters with a little bit of nail art on my thumb using my Konad-imitation plate and Essie's School of Hard Rocks.  Jeez I think my nail painting skills are getting worse lately.  What's up with that?  Anyways, this was super easy to apply, very very pigmented and opaque.  I probably could've gotten away with one coat if I wanted to, but I always do at least two.  So this is two coats with Essie's base and top coats.
All while my lil pug sleeps.  Her eyes look open but she's really sleeping.  This is why the vet says I should apply eye drops every day.  And that's why I have so many scratches on my arms and legs.  Well that and the nail dremel.
I had to move the fabric away to show her pink tongue sticking out.
You might be wondering where she is.  Well, her favorite napping spot.  Behind and on top of my legs.
Sigh, makes for some very uncomfortable positions for me and numb legs.


  1. I like that color on your fingers WAY more than I thought I would... in the bottle it was kind of "eh" for me. Love it! And love the pugshots too :)

  2. Me too! I got it as part of the boxed set and thinking I could do something fun for xmas but I was pleasantly surprised! It looks great in person.