Saturday, October 29, 2011


So after oohing and aaahing over pics of glitter gradient nails on Pinterest, I went a bit wild with my Sephora Friends & Family haul.  All my other stuff was boring basics I was restocking, and so the only part I was really excited about were these polishes.  And let me tell you, these made me way more giddy than I anticipated.  Something about glitter just totally appealed to the 10-year old girl in me.  I may, or may not, have actually squee-ed.

So from left to right we have the following Sephora by OPI polishes/top coats - Traffic Stopper Copper, Only Gold For Me, Good Tidings We Bling, and Flurry Up.  I normally don't use OPI polishes (I'm an Essie girl at heart), and I usually don't like the Sephora by OPI polishes compared to the regular OPI (they aren't as nice and long lasting as the regular OPI polishes in my opinion), but these are glitter polishes, so I wasn't really sweating it.  And I totally realize that Good Tidings We Bling is a holiday polish that I probably won't be able to use that often, but the crazed holiday tyrant in me demanded it.
My pug approves.  So long as they stay sealed.  As soon as I open any polish, she darts away.
So I was lazy and applied these on top of my existing polish which I was going to take off later anyways (Essie's Size Matters).  On my left hand I applied it only to the tips as follows: Thumb - Traffic Stopper Copper, Index - Good Tidings We Bling, Middle - Flurry Up, and Ring - Only Gold For Me.  Sorry it doesn't show up as well in the photos.  It's much more noticeable in person and you can clearly see the different colored glitter.

Sorry for the awkward pinky pose.  I had tested out another polish I got, a magnetic polish by Nails, Inc. in Trafalgar Square.

I'm still struggling with how to use it and will have to try again since I did such a crappy job of it.  See my lil pug in the background?

So anyways, back to the glittah.  On my right hand I painted the glitter polishes on my entire nails.  I think I like the look of just the tips better.
The glitter pieces range from fairly big to tiny.  Sometimes it was hard to make sure I got an even amount of glitter on.  It's not so much a big deal when doing the entire nail, but when applying to just the tips, I wanted to make sure I got enough and an even amount of glitter on there.  And now of course, some obligatory pug photos with me stupidly enjoying more illusion/size distortion photos.
My pug is A-OK!
Snip snip!
I will post my NOTD separately - to follow!


  1. I have the same glitters except for the Christmas-y colored one.
    So the magnetic polish is hard to use?? I still have not tried them. I have been wanting them for years, but now that they are becoming more mainstream I would rather pick one up at the store then order by mail.
    Also, I gave you (and your puggy) a blog award on my blog. :)

  2. I haven't experimented with the magnetic one again since. I'm giving my nails a break for a couple weeks but will give it another shot soon. I think I'll check out YouTube for some good examples of people doing it right because I totally messed mine up. Thanks for the blog award! I left you a comment on your post and will be thinking about my five!

  3. P.S. Do you have any recommendations for removing the glitter polish easier? I was still picking off random glitter pieces off of my nails the next day!