Saturday, October 15, 2011

Essie Winter 2001 Nail Polish Swatches - Yippee!

So I finally got the Essie Winter 2011 nail polishes this weekend.  Yippee!  I was really excited about some of the colors in this collection.  I almost didn't get the whole boxed collection, but figured why not.  And I'm pretty happy with almost all of them.  So let's start.

From left to right we have Bobbing for Baubles (a dark almost blackish sapphire blue), Size Matters (a bright ruby red), School of Hard Rocks (dusty and dark green with hints of blue and gray), Bangle Jangle (a dusty light lavender), Cocktail Bling (a light cornflower gray-blue), and Brooch the Subject (a camel nude).
With flash.
Now here's some swatches.  I only did one coat each so you can see how smooth or streaky each polish is.  In the first photo we have from ring to index, School of Hard Rocks, Size Matters, and Bobbing for Baubles. I just picked up the polishes randomly but I love this color combo!  All three of these had excellent application with just one coat.  Not streaky at all, very smooth and easy.  I love these three!
I hadn't expected to like Size Matters since I already have a lot of reds but all of my other reds are either black-red or bright summer reds.  This is a perfect fall/winter red although if you already have a similar shade you can probably pass on it.  I REALLY love Bobbing for Baubles and School of Hard Rocks.  I don't think I have any similar looking colors to these.  I was surprised by School of Hard Rocks as it's really beautiful and unique looking in person.  I also have it painted on my pinky (and you might see it on some of my other extra nails) because my konad nail stuff arrived and I wanted to try out different color combos for the stamps.
Next up my pug was a little disappointed with you right hand swatches.  From index to ring (ignore the School of Hard Rocks on my pinky) we have Bangle Jangle, Cocktail Bling, and Brooch the Subject.  Bangle Jangle is pretty but I have similar lavenders and it also was way streakier than the other polishes.  I was pretty disappointed with the application of it.  Cocktail Bling applied very nicely, not streaky at all, but I was expecting it to be more gray than blue based on pictures I'd seen online.  But instead this pulls very blue on me, which I still love but it's just different from what I'd expected.  It reminds me of Lapis of Luxury but with a little touch of gray to it.  And on my ring is Brooch the Subject which I'm a bit torn about.  I am not a fan of silly putty/mannequin hands.  But I need to see this on all my fingers before I make a final verdict.  Brooch the Subject is what I thought Case Study from the fall collection would look like, but Case Study is way more green.  Brooch the Subject was also a little streaky.
Sorry I smudged the edge of Brooch the Subject.  And my cuticles and skin are even in worse shape lately.  I need to get a less harsh nail polish remover.  But acetone removes it so much faster and easier!
Ok I'll next post my Konad stuff and my polish for the weekend!

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