Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flower Nail Art and New Trader Joe's Finds

A couple friends and I have been obsessed with nail art recently.  Not the acrylics and crazy nail art, but the more subtle and delicate stuff.  Then again, this could be the gateway nail art and soon we will have crazy decorated talons.  Who knows.

Anyways, I decided to try out some flowers on my nails.  I don't have any fancy tools, so I simply used an old mail opener to make four dots (very hard to get just the right amount of polish in each dot) and then I used a safety pin tip to drag lines down each dot towards the center.  Then I finished it off with a dot in the center.  See!
At first I did the flowers on must my thumb and ring finger, but then I decided to let loose with the weekend and put flowers on all of my fingers!  I also wanted to practice doing the flowers.  Some came out okay and others came out a bit messed up.  Oh wells.  Do you see my lil pug pathetically licking her food bowl trying to hint that she wants more food (and she just had a full dinner so there's no excuse!)?
And I always enjoy pointing at my pug's butt.
So the base color is Essie's Smooth Sailing (which I am really liking more now than my first few uses - lovely deep and shimmery blue) and the flowers are Essie's Watermelon with the center dots painted with Butter London's Marrow.  I love my lil flowers!  I think for the work week I'll use a neutral base and similar shades for the flowers on just my thumbs so that way it won't be that noticeable unless you look super closely.

On another topic, I found a few new things at Trader Joe's this weekend which I love!  Every time I go to Trader Joe's I try to find and try at least one new thing each time.  It helps keep me out of a groceries rut and usually provides a good sweet/salty treat for an occasional indulgence.  This week I found some delicious petite cocoa batons which are tiny wafer tubes filled with cocoa cream.
Here's the nutrition facts.
These were a lot smaller than I thought they would be.  Do you see my lil pug begging for some treats?

But they are delicious!  Love the cocoa cream inside and I'm a sucker for any chocolate wafer treats. 

I also came across these mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups.  I love chocolate and peanut butter and these are so mini and cute!  Why is it always milk chocolate that is paired with peanut butter?  I wonder if dark chocolate and peanut butter would be just too delicious of a combo.  It might be dangerous and binge-inducing.

Nutrition facts for the mini chocolate peanut butter cups.
These are also tiny but I feel like I can safely nosh on a few at a time before it gets to be too much.  My lil pug REALLY wants one of these treats.  I guess I am holding it in a tempting way.
They're really tiny so it was hard to bite this one in half but I wanted to show the peanut butter inside.
My lil pug was begging so much and looked so sad and pathetic I finally caved and gave her a treat but it's an unfun (to me at least) baby carrot.  She loves them so much though that she still danced around for her treat.
Do you see that intense desire in her eyes?  She loves her baby carrots so!
So to sum up, yea to tiny nail art, tiny chocolate wafers, tiny chocolate peanut butter cups, and fat pug.


  1. Um.... you like pugs, nail polish, and Trader Joes? This is definitely my new favorite blog.
    Also, your lil pug looks cute as per usual.

  2. I think you just nailed my three current obsessions. Pugs, nail polish, and Trader Joe's!