Monday, October 3, 2011

Hortense Jewelry

Today consisted of a super crappy day involving not one but two roaches at work (one actually had the audacity to scurry across my desk right towards me - a declaration of war!), mean grillings and uncomfortable meetings (seriously, why do people have to be so unpleasant for no good reason?), and my fumbling with answers and being generally stupid.  So I was very happy to come home to my wriggly pug and a package!  My Hortense jewelry finally arrived!  I got the coco and wish me luck bracelets in rose gold with gray silk cord.  The beads are a bit smaller than I thought they'd be and the string makes the bracelet look a bit casual (not sure if this is office appropriate - not going to stop me from wearing it to that roach-infested place), but I still love them!  And they are perfect for stacking.  I've been going through a huge rose gold phase for the past several years.  So here are my two new bracelets with my Iwona Ludyga skull bracelet (also in rose gold of course).  
My pug wanted to help me model the bracelets.
Can I shower with silk cord bracelets?  I don't want to put them through unnecessary wear and tear but I hate having to put it on and take off.  It involves awkward finger maneuverings or teeth!  And my pug only helps me model, she doesn't help me put on my jewelry.

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