Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! (Random Treats and NOTD)

My friend, Fritillaria, sent me these cute and delicious red velvet pirate cake pops for Christmas!
Don't worry - despite my lil pug's sniffing and begging, I did not let her have any of the cake pop!

And in the holiday spirit I decided to do Christmas-themed nails.

On my toenails I alternated Essie's Size Matters and School of Hard Rocks (2 coats, plus base and top coats).  I made a huge mess of my right big toe, but I didn't care enough to clean it up afterwards since it's winter and my feet are not really being exposed much.  Besides, since I've started running regularly, I think there are worse things about my feet now to distract the eye.  Dang I still have a flip flop tan line!  My skin holds onto tan lines fo eva.
On my fingernails I painted Size Matters on my ring fingers and School of Hard Rocks on the rest of them.  I then topped them off with a coat of OPI's Good Tidings We Bling.  I then topped it off with a coat of Essie's Good To Go top coat just to seal everything in with a quick drying top coat.
Even though I feel a bit dorky for having matched my NOTD with the holidays, I can only do this once a year so I figured I might as well go full out.  Red and green, plus glittah!  I would've liked a brighter and more true green, but I just used whatever colors I had handy.

I was tasked with making more snowball cookies for Christmas, not by my niece and nephew, but by my mom!  She kept asking if I was going to make them for my niece and nephew and I kept saying probably not.  Then today she finally admitted that she wanted them!  Unfortunately, I realized too late that I didn't have enough butter (dang those cookies use a lot of butter), so instead I made the coconut toffee bars.  I love these things.

I've already eaten 4.  Argh, must stop!

Now it's time to sleep and get ready for Christmas tomorrow.  My lil pug is quite sleepy despite having slept all day.
And in case you wanted a close-up...
When my lil pug wants me to nap with her or go to sleep at the end of the night, she makes it clear.  See?  Look at that face and posture in the pic below!  This is her way of saying, "I am so tired my tongue is sticking out and I can't sit up straight.  Don't I look sad, pathetic, and adorable?  Come, join me and snooze with me! Pfft..."
I should go to sleep now anyways.  It's already Christmas technically and my computer is trying to tell me to log off since it's all of a sudden moving super slowly and acting buggy (my hard drive is starting to run out of space).



  1. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful pug!!! Your blog makes me smile!!!

  2. Your toes are really cute! kinda hot ;)