Monday, December 19, 2011

New and Great Etsy Finds!

I introduced you to my new "pet" marimo moss ball here and I loved him so much I got more!  I named my big marimo ball Henry and I greet him each morning with a few good rolls around his jar.  He's so green and fluffy, I think he's very happy in his new home!

So anyways, I ordered a few mini marimo keychains for my niece, my nephew, and myself!  I chose the green one since I got the blue one for my nephew and the purple one for my niece.  The colors are supposed to be birthstone-related but I just chose whatever colors I thought we'd each like best.

My pug's first meeting with her new buddy.  She wasn't too interested at first.
Aw isn't mini Henry so cute?  I love that I can carry him around with me.  
You're supposed to change the water every 7-10 days.
Come on, don't you want to bond with mini Henry?
That's good - give him an intro sniff.
HEY STOP!  Don't lick mini Henry!
Ack!  Stop, stop!
Don't try to avoid eye contact and look innocent!  You know what you did wrong.
I also got a medium sized marimo ball that I'll bring to my office tomorrow.  I call this one lil Henry.  Isn't he cute too?
Anyways, these wonderful marimo balls come complete with vases/bowls and rocks to put at the bottom.  The etsy seller also has other plants and zen gardens.  I love everything in her store and ended up buying a zen garden for my office too!  I imagine I'll be drawing stuff in the sand during long and boring conference calls.  The etsy seller is Wendiland (link here) and she's great with quick communications and super fast shipping.  Awesome - highly recommend!

I also have another great find from etsy!  My friend Fritillaria and I always do themed Christmas gift exchanges.  One year it was food, another it was creatures of the sea, and another was unusual/rare makeup. This year we did a fun and random things from etsy theme with the only restriction being a price cap.  One of the things I gave her were these adorable hand warmers made of wool sewn together with rice inside.  You heat them up in the microwave for 25 seconds and stick them in your pockets to keep your hands warm.  

I ended up getting a pair for myself because my hands get so cold when I walk my pug in the winter nights.  I tried them out and they are awesome!!  They keep my hands nice and warm during the short walks and having grown up in a Korean household, there's something comforting about the smell of warm rice.

She has plain rectangular ones, but I love these heart shaped ones since they fit in the palm of my hands so comfortably.  Again my pug looks solemn in the background. 
The heart shaped ones come in various colors.  The one I got for my friend and myself is red on one side and dark green on the other.  But they also come with a gray back like pictured below.
These are sold by etsy seller WormeWoole (link here) and the seller is also great with communication and fast shipping.
In fact, I loved them so much I bought a bunch and plan to give them to my family as small stocking stuffer gifts.  I think my parents especially will love these since they are always so cold (I guess a couple decades of living in southern CA permanently affects your core body temperature and ability to handle cold).
Sometimes I feel inundated with random stuff on Etsy, some good and some bad, and it takes quite a bit of digging or a clear idea of what you want to find the good.  But when you do find the good, it's soooo exciting and satisfying.  I am definitely putting my marimo balls and heart hand warmers in the good category!

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