Thursday, December 29, 2011

Celebrating Christmas - Pug Style

My lil pug celebrated Christmas this year, pug style.  This means she started it with a sleepy, lazy morning.  I had to drag her out with promises of Santa Claus.  Do you see how high her bunny arms are?
Unhappy that I dragged her out of the bed so early, she followed it up with some sleepy sunbathing.
Then she admired a new pug phone case.
And my lil nephew helped wrap up my lil pug.
And she renewed her love for the bunny.
So much so, that I gifted her a brand spankin' new bunny!
Then she admired my snowball cookies.
And begged for some.
And looked pathetically sad when I refused to give her any.
And then she finally gave up and went back to the bunny love.  I swear I did not place her bunnies like this.  She arranged this herself and then passed out.

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  1. That last picture is melting my heart... so cute and sweet!!! :)