Sunday, December 11, 2011

My First Christmas Tree (sorta)

I've never gotten a Christmas tree on my own.  I usually celebrate Christmas at my parent's house and they always have a tree and I get to help decorate my sister's tree with my niece and nephew.  So I figure why go through the hassle of lugging a huge tree just for me (and now my pug).  And I'd hate to have to clean up after it and deal with it after Christmas.

But today I saw mini Christmas trees at Trader Joe's and I thought how perfect it would be to have a mini one on my counter!  Once I discovered that these trees are actually rosemary trees, I was sold.  It smells soooo good and if I ever need any rosemary for a recipe I can just break off a sprig.  I want to get a nicer pot for it and maybe a few decorations, but for now I am just loving having a mini rosemary tree.  Of course, I made my lil pug pose with the tree but that's easier said than done.

At first she was intrigued.
But then she noticed the baby carrot I was holding in my hand to keep her attention.  Sometimes when Sunny gets surprised or enraptured by something she will freeze with one paw in the air.
Then she tried to steal the baby carrot.
I gave her a bite but then tried to push her back to pose her next to the tree.
So then I tried placing a little bit of the baby carrot on the tree.  That got her attention but she kept trying to eat the tree then.
So then I tried holding it high above her for an aerial shot.
But then she interpreted that as a request for her to dance.
And dance she did.
I gave up and now we're lounging on the couch.  Or rather, I'm trying to relax on the couch but my lil pug keeps trying to demand my attention.
But we're both so tired.  I think we'll call it a night soon.