Friday, December 16, 2011

A New Pet! (kinda)

I got a new "pet" today!  Sunny is pretty ambivalent about it.  Probably because it's not an animal but is actually a marimo ball in a glass jar.
I stumbled across this on Etsy and have wanted one for a while.  I thought I might keep it in my office, but now I'm thinking I'll keep it at home.  You know, to keep my pug company during the day...

I do enjoy pushing him around.  In my mind, my marimo ball is a he.  No rhyme or reason to my way of thinking sometimes.  I had to change the water a few times at first since he was a little dirty and the water got cloudy.  But after a few rinses and rolling around he got really big and fluffy.  I think I made him happy with my poking and rolling.
I tried getting a photo with my pug but she was only interested in the treat in my hand.  And it was really hard to get her attention focused on the marimo ball without putting my hand near the glass jar but then my hand would be in the photo.
She did sniff it briefly every now and then but she moves too fast!
Another attempt...
And a few outtakes...

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