Monday, October 4, 2010

Blotting Papers Comparison - C&C v. Tatcha

Now, onto some gross pictures.  I splurged recently and decided to try some Tatcha blotting papers.  I am supremely oily.  I take comfort in looking at my dad's side of the family (who I take after) and seeing their smooth and unlined faces, well preserved in the shine and oil from their teenage and early adult years.  But until my skin starts sucking away at its own oil to combat wrinkles, I must find a way to get rid of it.  I came across the Tatcha papers at Barneys I think and LOVED the packaging, large size and little golden flecks in the paper.  That was several months ago and I recently came across them again and decided to buy.  I justified the extra cost by reasoning that the large sized papers would work for my entire face whereas I require two sheets from my current ones.  

Look at the golden fleck in the upper right corner!

But sadly, the Tatcha papers do not hold up against my old cheap tried and true: Clean & Clear, Oil-Absorbing Sheets.  A long time ago a friend had confided that the best oil absorbing sheets were actually the cheap Clean & Clear and so far that has held true.  I am a sucker for packaging and I do believe that sometimes more money means better product, but here I think my Clean & Clear is better.  I know I'm shocked and saddened.  Using one Tatcha sheet for half of my face, the entire sheet is already used!  And while it looks like a ton of oil was absorbed in the sheet, my skin still feels slightly oily to touch.  But using the Clean & Clear on half my face, I still have room to spare!  And the oil hasn't slipped around on the sheet, spreading.  Instead it's concentrated, really picking it up from where it sat on my face.  And the result is less oil on my face, and more oil on smaller parts of the paper.  

I'll finish the Tatcha papers, but I'll probably go back to my Clean & Clear.  I do love Tatcha's packaging though.  

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