Thursday, October 21, 2010

Imomoko Haul and Gratuitous Pug Pics

And after my long eyeliners post, look Imomoko haul!  Yippee!  I have a few eyeliners here that I can't wait to try out and some other random things.  I'll post on some of these later on.  

And of course my lil pug squeezed her way into the photo.  She has total ghost/demon eyes here because of the flash.  Ugh look at her nails.  Stupid nails grow so fast and have a long quick.  I tried clipping them myself recently and the end result was massive amounts of hair on me from her nervous shedding (I find it so weird how she sheds when nervous), a lot of paw pulling away, a few clipped jagged nails, and a loooong scratch on my leg.

See the scratch?!  Ugh.  And you can also see my moodadi.

But how can I stay mad at my lil bunny?

I mean, even Frankenstein wants a piece of her.  Look at him wanting her tail.

And she is handy with tools.  And by tools, I mean my niece's and nephew's tool toys for play.  And by handy I mean she chews them up real nicely.

How did this post start off about my Imomoko haul and end on my pug?  I feel like all my trains of thought end with her.  I have become a crazy pug lady.  But at least I will be a crazy pug lady with awesome makeup and fun products.  Oooh yeah.

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