Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Herb Names

Encountered a man named Basil today and got me thinking about herbs even though the pronounciation is different. The only other ones I could think of that are names are Rosemary and Lavender. With all the crazy baby names nowadays like Apple, Honor, and even Audio Science, how come there aren't more herb names? Wouldn't it be great to meet someone named Oregano? Or a spicy Paprika? Or what about a serene Cilantro? So many to choose from! Bergamot? Calendula? And the nicknames that would come from these names would be awesome. Prika! Silly Cil. Dula - um ok that would probably not work. These are the things I think about to distract me during long meetings. I look like I'm deep in thought about the subject matter when I'm really just trying to come up with nicknames from herbs.

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