Monday, October 11, 2010

Review of Lip Balms/Treatments - Fresh, Nars and Dior (plus no mullet - yea!)

I absolutely hate the dry feel of lipsticks and the wet stickiness of glosses.  Dilemma!  What's a girl to do?  Well, luckily the problem is solved by a variety of lip balms/treatments with slight colors/tints.  I've gone through quite a bit and have discarded some along the way (e.g., Kiehl's was too liquidy and tasted and smelled weird).  The following consists of my current supply and which I'll be reviewing.

Excuse the poor photo quality.  I'm really hating my camera lately and totally wanting a new one.  But that probably won't happen for a while so too bad for all of you!  Suffer the slight blurriness.

Left to right: Fresh Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF15; Nars Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment (Angelique); Dior Serum de Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment (Nude Serum 510); Dior Serum de Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment (Soft Pink Serum 640) (in the last picture the Dior Nude 510 and Pink 640 are switched so the Nude 510 is the last one - d'oh!).

Color swatches below - Left to right same order: Fresh; Nars; Dior 510; Dior 640.

First up is Fresh.  I've eyed the Plum shade but it was a bit too dark for my coloring so all I have is the Rose one.  As you can see, my tube is well worn from traveling in my purse.  Do you like my sexy hand modeling?

It's a great balm with a tiny bit of a pink rose color.  It's very moisturizing and I can easily apply this without using a mirror since the shade is so sheer.  The downsides are: (1) there's only this one color or the Plum, not much variety; (2) the color is a bit too sheer if you're looking for a lipstick or gloss replacement; and (3) in hot weather the tube will melt.  The packaging is nice, shaped like a traditional lipstick and it has a screw top.

Next up, is Nars.  I had high hopes for this one.  I tested it on my inner wrist at the store and loved the Angelique shade.  It also felt pretty moisturizing.  Packaging is sleek but it's very small and thin.

Unfortunately, the color doesn't show up as well on my lips and the moisturizing effect quickly disappears minutes after application.  In fact, this made my lips even drier!  So disappointed!  

And my most recent purchase, Dior.  I gave this a shot because it got pretty good reviews online.  I purchased the nude, pink and rosewood shades.  

I love the packaging.  Sleek tall, but not as thin as Nars.  Classic Dior.

I love the pink 640.  It's a soft but warm pink and shows up pretty well.  The Dior one also feels very moisturizing.  I do feel the need to use a mirror to apply these because the color is a bit more pigmented than the Fresh one, but in a pinch I'd probably manage fine just free wheelin it.

I also love the nude 510 but maybe a teensy bit less than the pink only because I'm going through a pink phase right now.  But it's a great standard nude color with a bit more pink than brown to it.  I ended up giving away the Rosewood to my mom because it was way too dark for me and my mom loves a dark lip color.  So sorry, but it's not included here!

So to sum up, I'm loving my Dior lip treatments and have been using them every day!  I keep one at home and carry the other in my purse with me.  I'll definitely be repurchasing unless something else catches my eye before then.  But, I'll also keep my Fresh in my purse for when I want a more moisturizing but sheerer lip treatment.  I should also mention that all of these have SPF.  I still have a bunch of lipsticks, lip stains and glosses that I whoop out for certain occasions or when I just feel like it, but after suffering a dry lip or getting a bug stuck in my gooey gloss I always fall back on a good lip balm/treatment.  

I'll be following up with another post on eyeliners but maybe not tonight (I can sum it up with boo to pencils, love the liquid and gel liners).  This one took me forever to finish - sheesh!  And tomorrow is a work day (sad mime clown bear face T_T) and I have to wake up earlier to devote extra time to styling my new rockin sideswept bangs.  Got my first haircut since I left NY and after two days of researching found a great stylist who did not give me a mullet!  Yea!  (I know that sounds crazy, but I've gotten two mullet haircuts in the DC area before and both were at pricey high end well reputed salons!).  But with great bangs comes great responsibilities and I will need to train my hair to disobey my current hard core cowlicks.  I say all this now, but I'll probably end up snoozing all three of my alarm clocks and wake up late and have to rush to work with some crazy curly bangs and no time for decent makeup.  Good thing these lip balms/treatments are so quick and easy to apply!  (I seriously didn't plan that but as I was typing I just found the perfect way to tie up this hair ramble with the rest of my post - ha!).

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