Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Post! Apple Picking, Pug Nap and Magazine Craving

I've been debating doing a blog for a while and with my recent job and location change, and extra spare time, I decided to go ahead with it! I don't want to categorize this as a specific kind of blog and I hope to keep it representative of my random musings on dogs, beauty, clothes, online wonderfulness, tv, movies, travel and food.

Today was apple picking day and it was beautiful outside!

Perfect apple picking weather! Especially with the torrential rain from earlier this week and high humidity. I hate humidity. I can handle really high dry heat because I grew up in a desert climate but the slightest bit of humidity, even when it's cool, drives me crazy.

Had a nice picnic outside too, supplemented by the apples we picked! Love picnics, hate bugs though.

I was watching House yesterday and became obsessed with Olivia Wilde's eye makeup and tried lining my eyes like hers. Unfortunately my eyes are tiny compared to her huge ones. And my lil nephew kept saying I had "scary" eyes.

I had to wake up early for the apple picking to beat the crowds so afterwards I got my lil pug bathed/groomed (because she stunk) and then we took a nice looong nap. Do you see her little tongue sticking out?

I'm still working on posting photos on blogger and am having issues. Sometimes my photos come out so big or small even though I picked a specific size option. Bah, the trials of blogging.

I am now debating whether or not to pick up a magazine subscription for Ceci. I'm tempted but to get it from the U.S. is so expensive!

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