Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Essie's Fear or Desire

This past week I wore Essie's Fear or Desire on my fingernails and while I was reluctant to give this one a try, I loved it!!  
I was off from work for some of last week and so I initially wanted to do a blue or green polish since I can never wear those during the weekdays.  But I needed to try this out and the bright color did seem summery.  Well I am so glad I tried this out because this is my favorite orange polish!
This required at least two polishes for complete coverage.  For some reason I'm having cuticle drag issues with the Essie Summer 2012 polishes.  Maybe I just got a goopy batch.  This is also with base and top coats. I like red orange polishes but sometimes they can seem a bit harsh against my skin tone.  Fear or Desire is a muted neon orange (if that even makes any sense).  Looks great with a tan and is a perfect pop of color for the summer (makes me think of popsicles)!

Oh and thank you to my lovely pug assistant, Sunny, for helping me to model this polish!

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