Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Long Time No Post! - Human Update

All right, now that we have the pug update, it's time for the human update!  Not much going on here and most of it is running related but I promise to include a couple pug photos!

Sunny is not that playful but she has somehow managed to break two of my bracelets!  I guess it doesn't help that she has the fastest growing claws in the east and I only have dainty, thin bracelets.  I finally got the two fixed and have worn them nonstop since.  I love my lil skully!

I've been drawing a lot lately.  I try to draw something every day although I've hit a lil block the past day or so.

See how realistic my drawings have gotten?  Haha, I kid, I kid!

I went searching for a new running shoe with a little more cushion for my long runs.  I tried on many, but it's really hard to find shoes for my fat feet and toes, that won't aggravate my tight Achilles/calves.

I finally found a good pair!  Mizuno Precision - nice wide toebox, light, more cushioned, and comfy!

I'm sad they don't come in brighter colors like some of the other Mizunos.  They're pretty good but not perfect but they're as good as I was able to find at this point.  The tongue slides a teeny bit and I sometimes get foot numbness in them.  Also the wave insole feels pretty good but after 8 miles there's this one point on the wave that starts to feel a bit uncomfortable on my right foot.  My right foot is always the one with issues!  But my feet did feel a lot less tired than in my Green Silence.  I just wish the tongue on this shoe was like the Green Silence.  It did feel a bit weird running in more cushioned shoes at first but I got used to it eventually.  I also discovered that my previous calf/Achilles issues were not tied to the toe heel drop like I thought, but the kind of shoe.  I need neutral shoes, not stability, apparently.

But my all time favorite shoe is still the Green Silence!

I found out that they're discontinuing these by the end of the year along with the Brooks Trance!  I've been stockpiling them whenever I find a good deal online!  So sad!  I love how super light these shoes are and I LOVE the tongue which is basically an extended flap of the shoe.  I never get any foot numbness in these shoes.  And these are the most green shoes I've come across, which is great for the environment, but I hear that these shoes break down a bit sooner than traditional shoes.  The only downside is that my feet get a bit tired in them in my long runs, although I noticed it hasn't been as bad recently, so maybe my feet are getting stronger and more used to them?

I've tried to do as many long runs outside as I can before the weather here gets too unbearable.
One route even went through the National Zoo!  Man that place is one big hill but it was really cool to see the animals out and about in the early morning.
And many runs along the Potomac. 
I even tried going to Theodore Roosevelt Island.  (yeah, that's a dog on a kayak below!)
But it was pretty desolate in spots and I didn't want to end up like an episode of Law & Order.  And as soon as a bug flew into my hair (not near, not on top, INTO), I freaked out and ran out of there like a crazy woman.
View of Georgetown and tons of kayakers.
After each long run I feel pooped and need to lay down starfish style on my floor for a bit, while I pet Sunny and upload photos from my phone.
Then I refuel.
And sometimes I elevate my feet with the help of Sunny.
Phew, just reading all this makes me tired.  Too bad I have to go running soon!  But this time it will be indoors - too hot outside right now!


  1. I super duper love those bracelets!!! Where are they from? And you should share some drawings!

    As for the running stuff- I'm no help here!!! Worst runner in all history.

    1. Thanks! I got the skull bracelet from the designer Iwona Ludyga, but she sells through various vendors too (but I like ordering from jewelers when I can so I can make changes like longer chain, etc.) and the other bracelet was one made by Lori McLean. I picked that one up on my last trip to New York.

      I keep my drawings on my separate blog for the most part - As you can probably guess, they're almost all pug related!

      Haha I am still the worst runner ever but I am trying to push through it. My body fights me every step of the way of course!