Saturday, July 7, 2012

Essie Summer 2012 Collection

It's been a while since I've posted any new polishes.  I took a bit of a break from polish as my nails needed it, but I jumped back in once I saw Essie's summer 2012 collection!  
These didn't come out as clearly as I thought they had so sorry for the blurriness.  Below we have All
Tied Up (a dusty rosy bronze with a bit of golden shimmer) on my index finger, Bikini So Teeny (a light almost neon-like blue) on my middle finger, Mojito Madness (a bright Kelly green) on my ring finger.
And here we have Cascade Cool (a cool and light pink), Off The Shoulder (a hot pink) on my middle finger, and Fear or Desire (a bright hot orange) on my index finger.
These polishes look much brighter in real life!  The polishes above are only one coats and most of them could benefit from at least another coat to smooth out streaks and bring out the color more.  I am loving these bright and neony colors!  One of my friends suggested using a white base to make bright colors pop more and so now I'm on the hunt for a good one.  Any suggestions?


  1. Yay for a nail post! My nails probably need a break from polish too, but I can't go long without it. I feel naked! A good white polish is so hard to find. I guess something about white pigment makes the polishes terrible. The Wet n Wild 99 cent one is decent (at least as far as white polishes go, which isn't saying much). But yeah, neons look really great over white.

  2. I definitely love this Essie collection, I love that they're bright but not too neon. And you have the prettiest nails!