Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Long Time No Post! - Pug Update

Ack I've been kinda MIA on this blog for a bit.  How have you all been recently?
I am on so many social media (recently joined Instagram as Funaek) that it's kinda easier to just update things there than actually load up pics and write blog posts.  See this is one of many instances where my natural laziness becomes a problem.  So here's a random update, based on whatever pictures I had from my phone.  I now only take pictures with my phone because it's just so much easier.  Unfortunately the picture quality isn't as good of course, but they always say that the best camera is the one you have with you and I ALWAYS have my phone with me!  So let's get started!

Wake up Sunny!  It's time to tell people what you've been up to!
Sunny got a new collar!  Yes, those are mustaches you're seeing.  I got the collar through Etsy and it's called the hipster collar.  I am probably as far from a hipster as one can get.  But I LOVE this collar!  So does Sunny!  She still prefers the collar to her harness, which she hates with a passion although she's slowly getting more and more used to it.
Sunny shed the remnants of her winter coat and suffered no guilt for shedding like crazy all over my clothes.
But it's ok.  She can get away with almost anything because she's so stinkin cute!
I swear Sunny must've lost a gatekeeper tooth because her tongue has been out of control lately!  It's like a rose petal constantly sticking out of her mouth.  I LOVE it.
Sunny's tongue is very flexible apparently.  It's as curly as her tail too!
Sunny continues her constant begging for extra food and treats.
And as a result, Sunny's put on a couple pounds that she's going to need to lose this summer!

Sunny became more and more bonded with her new "friend."

Sunny had her annual vet visit and got all her booster shots.  At first she was excited to meet all the friendly people fawning over her and other dogs in the waiting room.

Sunny was checked from head to toe and I had the pleasure of bringing in a poop sample.  Everything went well (except for the massive squirming and shedding by Sunny on the vet table) and Sunny's in good health!  By the end of the visit Sunny was not a happy camper.
Sunny tried to prevent me from going to work many days but someone's gotta bring home the bacon.  Literally.  I must bring home bacon for her.  She loves turkey bacon.
We've gone on many, many walks, which are progressively getting shorter and shorter as the heat increases.
And Sunny's social circle has grown.  She's so generous she's even willing to accommodate her many friends in her bed.

Next up, the human update - Bye! 


  1. Sunny's tongue looks just like Sophie's!!! Hers gets stuck like that too. I also love the mustache collar! And where did you get that pug pillow pal?!?!?! So cute!!!!

    1. I love it when pugs' tongues stick out! Sunny and I are loving the collar! It's comfy and the buckle is very easy and smooth to use. We had one with a metal buckle before and that was a pain. I got the pug pillow over 10 years ago from Claire's randomly! I haven't seen it since. :(