Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cancelled Birchbox, Trying Beauty Bar

I previously posted (here) about how I was giving Birchbox a try and I gave it three months before I decided to cancel.  The first month was ok but it turned out that they had sent out some expired samples.  Second month was the much hyped Gossip Girl box which was not that great and I forgot to take a photo of it.  Then, when I received my third box in June I immediately cancelled as soon as I opened up the box below:
For $10/month I was told that I would receive a box with amazing samples of products tailored based on a profile I filled out.  I don't think anything in my profile said I wanted to receive designer bandaids, sanitizing wipes, and a sample of a men's cologne!  I was pissed off when I saw this box.  There was nothing in it that I liked and I don't think I'd use any of these things!  I also don't like how much the boxes can vary in quality for each month.  And since these don't seem to be personalized at all according to profiles it's really just a crap shoot which box you'll end up getting.  My friend who first told me about Birchbox cancelled after her first box and has since moved on to other similar services and never looked back.

I have also moved on and am trying out some new services.  I recently signed up for Beauty Bar's Sample Society, which is done with Allure magazine.  I saw the June box online which was awesome and had some full sized products and so I decided to give it a try.  Beauty Bar is $15/month, so it's a bit more but based on past boxes I thought it would probably be worth it.
This box contained a Borghese body cream, a Jouer tinted moisturizer, a Vbeaute eye cream, a Sisley intense anti-aging lotion, and a dual-sided Vincent Longo lipliner.
I think I liked the June box better but this is pretty good and, as you can tell from just comparing this to the photos above, is way better than any Birchbox I ever received.  I'm going to give this a couple more months and see how it goes and will decide whether or not to continue with Beauty Bar after the trial period is up.  I'll try to remember to post my box each month so you can see how it goes and hopefully this will go better than Birchbox in the long run!

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