Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Essie's A Crewed Interest

So I was intrigued by Essie's A Crewed Interest from the spring 2012 collection and a lot of bloggers were raving about the color (but almost universally noted the bad streaky formula).  I too wanted band-aid colored fingernails.  But alas, I think my skin tone does not like any opaque fleshy neutrals.  The color was even brighter and more jarring in person.  It looked almost neon/florescent to me.  And the application SUCKS.  I had to do three coats and it was super streaky, lots of cuticle drag ugh.  Here are some photos of the polish in different lighting.  Sorry I didn't get any in daylight but most of my daylight is spent in a windowless office.
I tried giving it a fair shot but it only stayed on my nails for a day before I took it off to try a different color.  Next up will be Essie's Ole Caliente!

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