Monday, February 6, 2012

Sandwich, Pug, and Essie Spring 2012

So I'm feeling lazy and tired of pastas so I decided to make a kitchen sink sandwich.  This is a sandwich on a ciabatta roll with sliced tomatoes, prosciutto, a poached egg, and goat cheese and olive tampanade smeared on the bread.  Oh yeah, you read that right.  All of that is in my sandwich.  I love all of those things but I was a little worried that combined it would be weird.
Luckily it was delicious!  A lot of strong flavors but lately I've been craving strong flavors and am getting tired of some of the flavors I normally eat.

I am also hooked on kale chips.  My favorite way of cooking them is with a light spray of olive oil, a teensy bit of salt, a good amount of pepper, and a sprinkle of grated parmesan.

You know who else loves kale chips?
I find it so bizarre that she loves them so much.
I don't give her any of mine since mine has pepper and salt on it.
But then she gets sad and begs.
Do you see the drool on her chin?
Aw cutie I can't resist!  Ok I'll get up and get you some baby carrots!
Then I cracked open my new Essie Spring 2012 polishes which drove my lil pug away as soon as I opened them and the fumes came out.  From left to right we have Navigate Her; Ole Caliente; Tour de Finance; A Crewed Interest; and Orange, It's Obvious.
I also picked up a couple of the Go Overboard collection polishes.  On the left we have Armed & Ready and on the right is Go Overboard.
Here's some quick swatches.  I just did one thin coat for each.  Pinky is A Crewed Interest.  This is an interesting shade.
When I saw swatches online it looked like a light fleshy/putty peach color.  And that's kind of how it looks on my pinky but in person in my crappy dim lighting it looks kinda shockingly neon bright against my skin.  I think my yellow skin kinda clashes with it but I'm going to give it a couple days to see.  I always want a nice peachy skin toned polish but I'm starting to think it's impossible to find one that complements my skin tone.  Also the formula on this one sucks.  Very streaky and cuticle drags.  Ring finger is Orange, It's Obvious.  Pretty and I needed a good orange shade.  But I'm not that excited for it now.  Maybe when the weather gets warmer.  Formula is nice.  Middle finger is Ole Caliente and I really like this one.  Formula is very smooth and the color is bright and fun.  Index is Tour de Finance.  I'm excited to try this one out.  Formula is also good and the color is super bright and beautiful.  I think it appeals to the little girl  in me (I swear mentally I'm aging backwards).  Don't know if I could ever wear it to work because it's really bright.  The picture above doesn't do it justice.

And here's the other swatches.  Again, one coat each.
Index is Navigate Her.  This is a bit of an odd duck.  A pastel pistachio shade.  Application wasn't the best but not as bad as A Crewed Interest.  Even though it's a bit weird, I kinda like it.  I think if you're a green fan you'll enjoy this because it's a unique green.  Middle finger is Go Overboard.  LOVE this.  It's a deep teal which applies awesomely.  I love blue polishes so I'm definitely glad I got this one.  I feel like it's almost a mixture of their winter collection's School of Hard Rocks and Bobbing for Baubles, both of which I loved.  I wish I could wear this to work because I'd be painting them on my fingers and toes right now.  Well, not my toes because I'm giving my toenails a bit of a breather from polish.  And ring finger is Armed & Ready, a shimmery dark grayish olive.  I really like this one too but another one I can't wear to work.

I'll be doing separate posts on individual reviews as I try these out one by one.  The first one will be A Crewed Interest.  Ohoho nails and cuticles, I hope you're ready for all the polish that's coming!

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