Monday, February 13, 2012

Bacon Mac - Ooooh yeaaah!

Tonight I made some bacon mac n cheese!  Mmmmmm!
I got the recipe from My Recipes (recipe here) and modified it a bit.  I used whole wheat penne, turkey bacon instead of pig bacon to cut back on calories and fat, added a lot of Tabasco sauce and some red pepper flakes, added broccoli, and added a little bit of pepperjack cheese on top that I had handy.  Some of the reviews said the recipe could use an extra kick of flavor so I was generous with the spice and added a different kind of cheese on top.  One of the reviewers mentioned adding gorgonzola cheese and that sounds yummy!  I liked having the broccoli in there since broccoli and cheese is always a winning combo and it helped add some extra and healthier bulk to the pasta.  I also don't broil things because the broiler frightens me so instead I baked it at 325 for 30 minutes.
Of course I added even more pepper on top because I'm a pepper fiend!  So good!  The pasta is not as cheesy as traditional mac n cheese, but it's much healthier.  And no butter is used in this recipe.

Oh dear.  My lil pug had a pasta binge and licked her bowl clean!  
Was it good?
Now she's looking for some more.
Uh oh, I think she's about to go into a carb and bacon fueled food coma!  So sleepy...
(Note: I did not actually feed my pug the spicy and cheesy mac n cheese.  I just like tormenting her with pictures of my empty food bowls.  Don't worry she gets rewarded with her own treats.  And despite not having a pasta-fueled binge, she is now totally passed out in a kibble- and carrot-fueled food coma on my legs.)

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