Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And Along Came A Wrist...

So after my exciting return from my weekend away, my lil pug was exhausted and she plopped into her favorite napping spot - propped up behind my leg.
So sleepy!  The one downside to her favorite spot is that she has nothing to rest her head on.  Often leading to funny sleeping positions like in the photos in this post.
She looked so cute and funny I couldn't resist petting her.
Waaaaiiiiiiiit fooooor iiiiiiit....
Aw shoot my wrist is now stuck!  She immediately plopped her chin on it, bearing all her head weight and started snoring.
My wrist is trapped!
And in case you think she's faking it and isn't really dead asleep, I give you this close-up.
So, because I am a good pug servant, I stayed in this position for a while to let my sleepy pug rest.  Good thing internet browsing only requires one hand.


  1. That made me smile, pug servant :) reminds me of my late doggy dog Cleo, she was a wrist rester and a tummy-tickler barrer. Enjoying your Pug news & the cartoons on your other blog. Your devotion to your Lil Pug is understandable and v readable :)

  2. Thanks! Sorry to hear about your dog Cleo. It sounds like she was a character too!

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