Saturday, February 11, 2012


So I decided to get a bunch of nail swatch sticks since my polish collection has slowly been growing and I figured this would be a good way to keep them organized and easy to see.  My lil pug sleepily approves.
Fanning my pug.
Um yeah she was very sleepy.
Ok, pug aside, here are the swatchcicles fanned out.  The sticks are kinda crappy and the handle thing keeps coming off but meh I don't care enough to get anything fancier or nicier.  Besides I already put all the effort in doing these.  I'm not redoing them on new ones!  These are going to be super useful going forward, although the sticks with the sheer neutrals don't accurately show how they'll appear when painted on your nails.  Meh, I'm kinda not into sheers lately anyways.  These are all 2 coats.  I considered doing each one until opaque, but I kinda like having a consistent 2 coats for all of them so I can see which ones are streaky or have application issues and which ones are super awesome.
From left to right we have the following (all of them are Essie polishes unless I say otherwise): Happily Ever After, Hi Maintenance, Mademoiselle, Pillow Talk, Limo Scene, Kisses & Bises, Main Squeeze, Topless & Barefoot, Island Hopping, Chubby Cheeks, Watermelon, Meet me After Sunset, Demure Vixen, Lady Like, Luxedo, Masquerade Ball, Wrapped in Rubies, Butter London's Scoundrel, Butter London's Marrow, and Butter London's Yummy Mummy.
And below from left to right we have: Over the Edge, Fair Game, Da Bush, Your Hut or Mine, Lion Around, Smooth Sailing, Lapis of Luxury, Sew Psyched, Turquoise & Caicos, Tea & Crumpets, Buy Me A Cameo, My Private Cabana, Not Just A Pretty Face, Innocent, Splash of Grenadine, Antique Rose, Shop Till I Drop, Mambo, BBF Best Boyfriend, and Nude Beach.
And lastly, below we have from left to right: Ole Caliente, A Crewed Interest, Orange It's Obvious, Navigate Her, Tour de Finance, Armed & Ready, Go Overboard, School of Hard Rocks, Bobbing For Baubles, Size Matters, Broach The Subject, Bangle Jangle, Cocktail Bling, Case Study, Glamour Purse, Lady Like, Chinchilly, Smokin Hot.
I only realized afterwards that I swatched Lady Like twice.  Oops!  I am quite pleased with these swatchcicles and hopefully they'll prompt me to try some of my older polishes that I've forgotten because now it's so easy to see what the color is like against my skin, like this:
Well it'll work at least with dark opaque polishes.  But I love being able to see how these colors look against my skin because a lot of polishes look completely different on me than I expect from the bottle.  In case you're wondering the one I'm "trying on" above is the new Go Overboard and the polish I have on my nails is the new Navigate Her (which I am loving!).

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